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Welcome to JTB Travel Center, a site dedicated to providing tourism, travel,
accommodations and other information about New Zealand and Japan.

JTB is the biggest travel agency in Japan (6th in the world) and was founded in 1912 when it traded as the Japan Tourist Bureau. The head office is in Tokyo and in Japan the company has 323 branches. We have offices in 70 locations worldwide.

JTB New Zealand is the New Zealand and Japan Specialist with over 20 years experience in delivering unforgettable vacations to customers from around the world. Our staff are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of managing your travel requirements and will continue to be the providers of quality products with high levels of service, customer satisfaction and integrity.

JTB New Zealand has been a member of Qualmark since 2008. Qualmark is New Zealand tourism”Ēs official quality assurance agency and is part owned by the New Zealand Government. It is used to identify quality assured products and services for travellers through a quality assurance licensing system for tourism businesses. When you see the Qualmark logo it means that those businesses have been independently assessed against a set of national quality standards. It identifies professional and trustworthy businesses so you can book and buy with confidence.